About Us


My name is Kathryn Yi, a small business owner/a fashion designer/ a crazy dog mom. I live in Los Angeles, California with two Frenchie girls Butter and Brownie (Mei Mei). Butter is a heart melting Frenchie girl who was adopted by me and my boyfriend in August 2020, she was about 3 years old at that time.

Hello Butter was started by me and my Butter in 2020. The brand inspiration, of course, came from Butter.



We had a special place in our heart for homeless dogs and decided to adopt a shelter dog one day. So, this opportunity came to us unexpectedly but destined.  When we walked in the shelter and saw Butter, we knew she was the one for us. Upon meeting with Butter, Butter welcomed us with a warm hug and smile. Unlike other home dogs, Butter was not in perfect condition. At the approximate age of 3, she had already given birth to a few puppy litters. Most French Bulldogs cannot give natural birth and require C sections to deliver litters. We can see this from the scars on her belly. She had certainly given birth to more than 1 litter. She sure had suffered considerably up until we met her. Similar to many French Bulldog that do not have proper care, Butter also had skin issues. Butter has taught me how to care and how to love.



Butter was my first dog, so I learned everything from scratch, from feeding to caring for her skin, shopping for necessities. It was always my top priority to give Butter a best life that she long deserved. I didn't find dog leashes, bandana, clothing, and other accessories that I like, so I decided to make for her. Due to my clothing design background, designing, sewing, and pattern making are not difficult for me. So, I made Butter her exclusive bandana and other accessories. Our families and friends like Butter's outfits. There are countless dog lovers in the world, and I am not the only one who cares about puppies so much, many dog parents are looking for cute and quality dog products like me. This led to me to thinking to sell dog goods such as harness and bandana. More importantly, these are designed and customized by me. In addition, I also started to design and make dog mom products, such as T shirt, hair accessories to match their dogs’ outfit.



My goal is to give my dogs and other (recuse) dogs the best lives which they deserve. Let dog parents choose beautiful and functional dog products, and let dog parents find more items for themselves to match their fur babies



We partner up with rescue organizations and participate in their events to help make a difference.